“Stile e prattica” - an architectural and design studio is the winner of Neterra's conceptual design competition for satellite ground stationheld in September 2016.

The competition follows the news about Neterra’s plans for further development, introduced at the first educational forum Neterra Lab, held on 19th of September.
Neterra is about to construct a new teleport - a satellite communications ground station in Bulgaria. The teleport will also host an observatory for the Bulgarian Olympic Astronomy team as part of Neterra's partnership with the Olympic team.

Neterra chose both the design and the multi-functional concept offered by “Stile e prattica”. The project is designed by the architectural team: Dimitar Angelov, Delyana Ganeva, Evelina Tsvetkova, and Rusi Zhelyazkov.

Source: http://www.neterra.net/en/news/5

Stile e prattica is an architectural and design studio specialized in integral design of onefamily and multifamily houses, residential and public buildings and interiors with characteristic and unique image.

Founded in 2000 by arch.Dimitar Angelov and arch.Delyana Ganeva  we have a portfolio of designed and completed projects of residential and public buildings, shop, restaurant and apartments interiors.

The main objective of the company is the design of modern functional residential and public buildings with great attention to detail in exterior and interior and individual approach to each customer.

We do everything from  the initial concept to to the final completition.