Stile e prattica is an architectural and design studio specialized in integral design of onefamily and multifamily houses, residential and public buildings and interiors with characteristic and unique image.

Founded in 2000 by arch.Dimitar Angelov and arch.Delyana Ganeva  we have a portfolio of designed and completed projects of residential and public buildings, shop, restaurant and apartments interiors.

The main objective of the company is the design of modern functional residential and public buildings with great attention to detail in exterior and interior and individual approach to each customer.

We do everything from  the initial concept to to the final completition.

The studio is equipped with the latest technologies and highly qualified professional team for design of all types residential and public buildings exterior and interior. Our objective is to achieve high standard in all design phases from concept to implementation. For us, it is important not only to create a good project, but also to monitor and control the complex process of realization and building the construction site.

Stile e prattica is a company which closely keeps abreast of the new architectural design technologies and introduces the new construction materials. With the development of the computer and software industry, our designs have increasingly come closer to reality. Our ultimate goal has always been to get to the core of the tasks set and to find the most efficient and attractive way to make it happen.

In 2002-2003 in cooperation with BULGARCONSULT EA LTD Design Company, STILE E PRATTICA participated in luxurious hotel complexes design in Croatia. In 2003 our company has been awarded by the SALONjournal for home interior.

The years of experience and the confidence of our clients give us positive moral and motivates us to improve constantly and progress further on.