• Research and planning
    • Selection of appropriate sites for investment
    • Consulting of the deal
    • Conceptual design
    • Preliminary  design  and approval process
    • Partial revisions and zoning (changing the legal status of the land)
    • Visa
  • INVESTMENT DESIGN completed according to all requirements and design parts
    • part Architecture;
    • part Construction;
    • part Electrical installation;
    • part Water and Sewage;
    • part Heating, Ventilation and AC, thermal-technical energy efficiency;
    • part Fire Safety;
    • part Geodesy;
    • part Geology,
    • part Interior and Furniture,
    • part Landscape Architecture
    • Design of details, Specifications and Bill of Quantities;
    • Development of 3D visualizations integrated in the project
  • Project management

    The team of architects and engineers has a profound experience in executing projects in joint venture with other companies. This guarantees complete coordination when creating the design solutions and during solving any occurring issues during the execution

  • Approval and agreement of designs

    The company undertakes checking of the designs and agreement of the design documentation with the authorities and utility supplies - Electricity Company, Water Supply and Sewage, Central Heating, Gas Suppliers, Road Infrastructure Agency and Specialized State Authorities – Regional Health Authorities, Fire Safety and Emergency, National Construction Control Directorate, Municipalities, Green Systems etc.

  • Management
    • Preparation of auction documents and organization of auction
    • Appointment of Constructor
    • Project management


  • Completed interior design 
    Interior design of residence spaces and house elements (living-rooms, kitchens, bedrooms), offices , hotels, restaurants, night establishments, bars, disco’s. Both for newly-built and for the redesign and reconstruction of existing buildings.
    • survey and measurement of the existing property
    • floor layouts with furniture
    • flooring installation plans
    • walls plans
    • soffit layout (of the ceiling)
    • lighting drawings (switches and sockets)
    • Water Supply and Sewage drawings
    • complete specification of details
    • bill of quantities
    • consultation on colors, finishes and materials
    • design of furniture
    • selection of interior decorative elements
    • selection of interior lighting (lamps, fixtures etc.)
    • 3D visualizations 
  • Control during implementation

    A team of architects and designers monitors and participates in the entire process from the concept to the realization, resolving any problems coming up during the implementation.

  • Production and supply of furniture

    The main action field of Stile e prattica is to capture the whole creative process of designing unique interior spaces and manufacturing of furniture under modern and up to date production technologies. The main part of company's clients is in the high prices sector of the market ,where the focus is on the uniqueness of the concerning design and materials used.

    “Stile e Prattica” works in partnership with leading Italian and Bulgarian factories for manufacturing of furniture.

  • Optimization and control of the budget

    We prepare the investment design in accordance with the financial requirements of the Investor.

    For this purpose, the project team exercises constant supervision on the input materials, construction work and installations laid down in the designs; prepares a forecast budget and makes updates where necessary from the initial design to the very completion of the project.

    A full and quality interior design is a prerequisite for achieving the highest quality in construction and for saving valuable time and finances of the Investor.


Projects for reconstruction and re-design of facades where the investors search for renovation of the building's exterior and solving specific problems connected with the selection of facade materials, positioning of visual advertisements, effective illumination, and others.